Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lauren v The Remodel

Okay, so I haven't been back here in a while.  I've actually been using the page a day mentality on actual writing.  It's been great to get back to the keyboard and have something come out of it.  Here's hoping I don't completely discourage myself in the process.  

The remodel I'm addressing in the title of this entry is the much needed remodel of this blog.  I know there's maybe three people reading it, and while I'm not out there whoring my blog all over the internet, I would like for some people to read it and enjoy it.  I do not mean to offend people by saying "whoring" their blog.  I get it that people want their blog to be read and appreciated, and rightfully so!  I simply meant that I am not so much putting my blog out there as much.  I apologize if this was offensive to you.

Here's the thing....I've been writing this blog detailing my writing process, and the truth is that none of you give a damn.  I doubt you care how I come up with stuff or my music of choice when I'm writing.  You might have a desire to know this someday, you know, when I'm famous, but not so much now.  Go ahead, admit it.  My feelings aren't hurt.

I guess the point of a blog is that you get to know me, and the point of this particular blog was to make myself write.  Well, whether I write to you about my dreadfully boring process or I write to you about my somewhat less boring life, I'm still writing.  Plus, I'd like to think that my life or my opinions are much more interesting than the steps that I take to ensure a writing victory.

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